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Awards and Recognition Prayer Breakfast - General Conference 2004


Dr. Dolly D. Adams, Spouse of the Senior Bishop
Mrs. Carrie S. Richardson, President of the Bishops’ Spouses Council


SUPPLICATION: Dr. Sylvia Ross Talbot, Supervisor, 13th Episcopal District
STRENGTH: Mrs. Vivienne L. Anderson, Supervisor, 2nd Episcopal District
PRAISE: Mrs. Martha C. Cummings, Supervisor, 6th Episcopal District
FAITH: Mrs. Lucinda Crawford Belin, Supervisor, 7th Episcopal District
GOD’S WILL BE DONE: Mrs. Carrie R. Grady, Supervisor, 1st Episcopal District

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December 2003

Cincinnati, Ohio
Forum: “Growing Through Grieving, Part II”
Mrs. Theresa M. Hawthorne
Mrs. Doris Reynolds

June 2003

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reverend Malcolm Guyton, Preacher
Dr. Jerome V. Harris, Forum Presenter

December 2002

Little Rock, Arkansas
Mrs. Barbara J. Chappelle, Empowerment Speaker
Dr. Sylvia Ross Talbot, Empowerment Presenter

Forum “Growing Through Grieving”
Mrs. Theresa M. Hawthorne, Mrs. Ruth Tossie
Reverend Mildred Jackson, Mrs. Maggie Jo Jefferson

June 2002

Tampa, Florida
Atty. Patricia Russell McCloud, Empowerment Speaker
Dr. Jerome V. Harris, Forum Presenter

December 2001

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Mrs. Christene H. Chambliss
Mrs. WillieAnn D. Madison

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Empowerment Challenges to the Clergy Family- Orlando, FL. - January 1998
Episcopal Supervisor, Dr. Pam DeVeaux

bullet"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" Perceptions and Expectations
Episcopal Supervisor, Mrs. Rosalyn K. Brookins, Panel Discussion Moderator 

Bonding the Clergy Family - Birmingham, Alabama - June 1998

bullet"Breaking the Barriers of Silent Suffering" - Rev. Homer L. McCall
bullet"The Plight of our Clergy Prodigy-Empowering the P.K.'s" - Mrs. Myra Webb
bullet"The Organ Donor Program, What We Really Need To Know" - Mrs. Sandra B. Rumph
bullet"Forum for P.K.'s" - Rev. Carey Andrew Grady

The First Decade Celebration Luncheon - New Orleans, LA - January 1999

bulletBishop William P. DeVeaux, Social Action Commission Chairman, Speaker
bullet"Clergy Family Empowerment Witnessing" - Reverend Margaret Mitchell Giddings

Celebrating Our First Decade - Los Angeles, CA., June 1999

bulletClergy Families Claiming Y2K Victory - Mrs. Joan E. Jackson
bulletSaluting Charter Members - Honoring Widows and Widower
bulletFather's Day Musical Recital - Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hill, Presiding 
Featuring Episcopal Supervisors, Mrs. Edith White Ming and Mrs. Beverly Adams Thomas

Clergy Family Health and Wellness Symposium - Atlanta, GA. Dec.1999 

bulletDr. Sherrell Vick Crawford, M.D. and Dr. Joanne Williams-Cooper, M.D.
bulletP.K. Symposium - Mrs. Paschell Cummings Mix and Sister Cassandra Sparrow

Awards and Recognition Breakfast, Cincinnati, OH - July, 2000 Highlighting P.K. Talent - Dr. Jayme Coleman Williams, Presiding

bulletPresenting The Candidates' Spouses for 2000 by former Episcopal Supervisors 
  1. Mrs. Mildred Primm, Widow of Bishop Howard Thomas Primm
  2. Mrs. Vida Bright, Widow of Bishop John Douglas Bright
  3. Mrs. Irene B. Reid, Widow of Bishop Frank Madison Reid, Jr
  4. Dr. Nancy Stokes, Widow of Bishop Rembert Edwards Stokes
  5. Mrs. Delorez Hunter, Widow of Bishop John Ellsworth Hunter
bulletEmpowerment Prayers for Candidates' Spouses and their Families
Dr. Virginia M. Manning, First Lady, Potomac District, Washington Conference;. Mrs. Laurelia Joiner, Widow of former General Officer, Dr. Joseph Joiner; Episcopal Supervisor, Mrs. Dorothy Jackson Young, President Bishops' Spouses Council

Empowerment Symposium - Memphis, TN. -January 2001

bulletEpiscopal Supervisor, Dr. Dolly Desselle Adams, Symposium Presenter
bulletEmpowerment Challenge For Clergy Families
Episcopal Supervisor, Dr. Sylvia Ross Talbot, Challenger

Male Spouses Forum: Los Angeles, CA., June 2001

bulletEpiscopal Supervisor, Mr. Stan McKenzie, Forum Presenter

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